Date: Tuesday, 29 November 2022, 10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30 Central European Time (CET)
Venue: Online Event via Zoom
Registration Deadline: Tuesday, 22 November 2022

Anyone with an interest in high-resolution solar physics is welcome to register. This specifically includes current or potential users of the solar telescopes, thesupercomputer, and the databases. Participation is free of cost but registration is necessary.

Participation is free of cost but registration is necessary so that we can send you the zoom link.

For registration, please email with the following information:

1) Your full name, 2) Position held, 3) Institute/ Organization affiliation and 3) Email address.

Agenda with all times in CET

10:00 Welcome

10:05 SOLARNET Access Programmes
Trans-national Access programme (35 min) – Dan Kiselman (SU)
GREGOR & VTT – Sergio Javier González Manrique (KIS)
SST – Dan Kiselman (SU)
THEMIS – Bernard Gelly (CNRS)
SUNRISE III – Andreas Lagg (MPS)
Piz Daint – Oskar Steiner (KIS & USI/IRSOL)

Virtual Access programme (40 min) – Mats Carlsson (UiO)
Hinode SDC – Mats Carlsson (UiO)
BE-WISSDOM – Robbe Vansintjan (ORB)
Stockholm SST Archive – Mats Löfdahl (SU)
IBIS-A – Ilaria Ermolli (INAF)
GRIS Data Archive – Vigeesh Gangadharan (KIS)
Virtual Access programme, discussion – Mats Carlsson (UiO) + all

12:00 Break

13:30 WP5 activities (60 min)
Real-time image reconstruction using deep learning technique – Andrés Asensio Ramos (IAC)
A generic software package for image restoration of slit-spectrograph data – Hans-Peter Doerr (MPG)
Solar database management technologies – Bob Bentley (UCL)
Deep learning techniques for automatic identification and classification of solar features in observational data – Robert Jarolim (UNIGRAZ)
High-level data products and analysis tools – SIRE – Ryan Campbell (QUB)

Metadata (30 min)
Observed and simulated data – Terje Fredriksen (UiO)

15:30 End of Forum