Czech Republic

Astronomický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i. (Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences, v.v.i.), located in Ondřejov near Prague, is a public research institution established by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The research covers a wide range of topics: solar physics, interplanetary matter, stellar astronomy, relativistic astrophysics, and galactic astronomy and dynamics of planetary systems. Several instruments are used daily for various kinds of observations, e.g., the 2-m stellar telescope, 0.6-m photometric telescope, horizontal solar spectrographs, double solar refractor, solar radio spectrographs, photographic European fireball network, etc.
Research in the Solar Department ( is concentrated to the physics of flares and prominences, structure and dynamics of the solar atmosphere, and space weather. Observing data from ground-based (GREGOR, VTT, SST, Themis, DST/IBIS) and space (SDO, HINODE, IRIS, SOHO, TRACE, RHESSI) instruments and extensive numerical simulations are used for this purpose. Several instruments for space research or their parts have been proposed and constructed.

The institute hosts one of the seven nodes of the European ALMA Regional Centre (EU ARC), specific within the EU ARC network for its orientation to ALMA solar research ( The institute participated in the construction of the telescope GREGOR and is currently involved in several international projects of new ground-based and space facilities (EST, Solar Orbiter, JUICE, Proba-3).

Within the mobility program, in the Solar Department we offer the early-stage and senior researchers the possibility to work on a variety of fields related to solar flares (including the radio observations), models and oscillations of prominences, non-LTE radiative-transfer problems, magnetic and velocity fields in the solar atmosphere, sunspots, and evolution of active regions. Regular seminars will allow the guest researchers to advance effectively in their research projects. They will have an access to our instruments and computing facilities.

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Dr. Michal Sobotka
Astronomical Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences
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Czech Republic