AISAS is the state budgetary research organisation. It has the leading position within the astrophysics in Slovakia with very modern infrastructure developed in recent years thank to structural funds of EU. AISAS consist of three scientific departments, namely: Department of Solar physics, Department of interplanetary matter, and Stellar physics department. The Department of Solar Physics is oriented mainly for investigation of solar atmosphere and solar-terrestrial relations. The main field of interest in solar physics is high resolution spectroscopy and spectropolarimetry of the solar quiet and active atmosphere and investigation of the solar corona. For this purpose, data from large ground-based telescopes (GREGOR, SST, VTT), space-born instruments (Hinode, IRIS, SDO), and measurements provided by own instruments located at the Lomnicky Peak Observatory are commonly used.
Within the mobility program we offer early-stage researcher the possibility to work with the post-focus instruments located at the Lomnicky Peak Observatory. They were designed and are still developed in order to acquire high-quality polarimetric observations in the corona (Coronal Multi-channel Polarimeter – COMP-S) and in the chromosphere (Solar Chromospheric Detector – SCD). The access to the instruments will be also provided to experienced researchers. This is very unique opportunity for visiting scientist as the regular coronagraphic observations are provided in Europe only by Lomnicky Peak Observatory.

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Dr. Peter Gömöry
Astronomical Institute, Slovak Academy of Sciences
Solar physics department
05960 Tatranská Lomnica
Phone: +421 52/7879182