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Carlos José Díaz Baso
Postdoctoral researcher
Institute for Solar Physics, Stockholm University, Sweden

Birth Place, Country:
Tenerife, Spain

Academic Details:
• Master’s Degree in Astrophysics at Universidad de La Laguna, ULL (La Laguna, Spain) during 2013-2015. Dissertation: “Inversion techniques and their application to spectropolarimetric data of the solar photosphere and chromosphere”.
• Ph.D. in Astrophysics at Universidad de La Laguna, ULL (La Laguna, Spain) during 2014-2018. Thesis: “Analysis of the magnetic and dynamic structure of filaments and their connectivity with the photosphere”.

Current research/ job focus:
To Identify the mechanisms that can heat the chromosphere and characterize the energy flux that is being released into the outer layers of the Sun. I am using high spatial and temporal resolution data, obtained from different ground and space-borne solar telescopes (such as the Swedish Solar Telescope), to reconstruct 3D empirical models of the solar chromosphere.

Area of expertise:
Solar filaments, solar chromosphere

Area of interests:
Optimization methods, Bayesian statistics and Deep learning

Implementation of deep learning techniques to accelerate the postprocessing in the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope.

Other engagements:
Member of the Local Organizing Committee of SOLARNET IV (FP7 Project) celebrated in Lanzarote, Spain (January 2017).

Life outside of science:
Play the saxophone, travel and discover new places, etc.

A dose of motivation:
Solar physics is a multidisciplinary subject. For its better understanding, it requires people from different areas of science such as atomic physics, optics, electronics, mathematics etc. We need someone like you!

What motivated you to choose your field of study/ your professional field?
After several years in this field I have found that there are many interesting things to learn in Solar physics. Through this we can interact with different people and learn many new exciting things.