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Dan Kiselman
Assistant Director of the Institute for Solar Physics
Senior lecturer at Stockholm University
Albanova University Centre, SE-106 91 Stockholm, Sweden

Birth Place:
Stockholm, Sweden

Academic Details:
PhD in astronomy, Uppsala University, 1993, thesis title “Implications of departures from LTE and homogeneity in the sun and solar-type stars”

Career overview:
• 1993 PhD, Uppsala University
• 1993-1994: Postdoc, Nordita, Copenhagen
• 1994-2012: Research assistant and researcher, Institute for Solar Physics, Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences
• 2013: Researcher, Stockholm University
• 2014: Senior lecturer, Stockholm University

Current research focus:
Operating the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope

Area of expertise:
Spectral line formation, solar observations

Area of interests:
Spectral line formation, solar observations, solar-stellar connection

Leader of WP2 and WP9. Member of the EST Technical Advisory Group.

What do you like to do when not doing science?
Lecturing my four children on great, wonderful, and sometimes weird, topics in the hope that they will listen and be awestruck.

A dose of motivation:
Try to do good stuff. But don’t be afraid of failure. If today doesn’t end well, tomorrow the wind will turn and the great moment will come.

What attributes to do you believe are important to doing your job?
As an observer try to be observant and attentive. You never know what will happen the next minute. The moments of good seeing are rare and fleeting and could come unexpectedly. Force your mind to be patient. Don’t give up.

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