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Francesco Berrilli
Professor, Physics Department
University of Rome Tor Vergata
Via della Ricerca Scientifica,1 – 00133, Rome, Italy

Birth Place, Country:
Rome, Italy

Academic Details:
Laurea in Fisica – University of Rome Sapienza, 1983

Career overview:
• 1 year as Computer Programmer (in a Software House)
• 4 years as Teacher in Physics – Secondary school
• 15 years as Researcher
• 15 years as Associate Professor

Current research:
Solar Physics and Space Weather

Area of expertise:
Visible and NIR instrumentation, Image analysis, Solar 2D interferometry, Dynamics of photosphere and chromosphere, Sun-Earth Interaction

Area of interests:
solar and stellar activity, pattern formation in solar photosphere, Space Weather, signal analysis

Narrow Band Tunable Interferometer

What do you like to do when not doing science?
I love books, good music, good food, good friends, cats, mountains, photography, hiking, etc.

What motivated you to choose your field of study?