The Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF, National Institute for Astrophysics) is the public research organization that promotes, performs, and co-ordinates astrophysics and astronomy research in Italy; INAF cooperates with Universities and other national and international organizations. INAF has more than 1000 staff members, out of which about 600 are researchers, and about 300 postdoctoral, graduate students, fellows, and consultants are involved in INAF research activities. Currently, INAF has 17 research centres distributed over the country and a few observing facilities abroad. The main ones are the National Telescope Galileo (TNG), located in La Palma, Canary Islands and a 25% share of the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona. INAF is directly involved in major astronomical telescope projects (e.g. ALMA, CTA, E-ELT, SKA) and contributes to the H2020 projects GREST, PRE-EST, ASTERICS, AHEAD, ExaNeST, ASTROFIT2, EURO-CARES, UPWARDS, PPoSS. Thus, within INAF there is access to a broad range of key knowledge and expertise, from building and operating astronomical instrumentation to managing data archives and large astronomical projects, and to developing research, communication, and public outreach programs. With reference to high-resolution solar physics, INAF has a long heritage of technical and observational activities, and consolidated expertise in this field. In collaboration with other Italian institutions, INAF designed and realized the state-of-the-art Interferometric Bidimensional Spectrometer IBIS installed in 2003 at the NSO/Dunn Solar Telescope. Besides, INAF has contributed to the development of the EST project, since its early stages, and has taken part to all EU funded projects related to it, with significant contributions to different activities focusing on instrument development, networking and promotion of solar physics research, outreach, and access to existing facilities. Finally, INAF also daily operates four synoptic solar telescopes that produce data complementary to those acquired with high-resolution telescopes.   INAF is represented in this project by the Observatories of Roma, Arcetri, Catania, Torino, and Trieste. The team consists of 10 staff researchers with expertise in designing building and operating astronomical instrumentation and data centres.

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