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Jesús Daniel Santos
Associate Professor
Head of the Department of Physics
University of Oviedo
Calle García Lorca, 18, 33007 Oviedo, Spain

Birth Place, Country:
Oviedo, Spain

Academic Details:
PhD in Physics

Career overview:
Experienced Associate Professor with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Strong education professional skilled in Science, Experimental Physics, Adaptive Optics and Artificial Intelligence. Former worker on magnetic materials.

Current research/ job focus:
Adaptive Optics, Artificial Intelligence, Astronomy.

Area of expertise:
Applied Physics

Area of interests:
Optics, Astronomy, Artificial Intelligence


What do you like to do when not doing science?
Netflix, play computer strategy games, read books, travelling, gym.

A dose of motivation:
“Do not stop when you’re tired, only when you’re finished” Book recommended – The iron sun, by Adrian Berry

What motivated you to choose your field of study/ your professional field?
Read the book “The iron sun”, by Adrian Berry

Departmental webpage:

Social Media pages (e.g. LinkedIn, Twitter):
LinkedIn Jesus Daniel Santos,
Twitter @SantosJD1

Research profile (e.g. ORCID ID, Web of Science, ResearchGate):
Researcher ID: L-2356-2014
ORCID: 0000-0003-2038-4606