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Joaquin Gonzalez-Nuevo Gonzalez
Researcher (“Ramon y Cajal” fellowship)
Departamento de Física, Universidad de Oviedo,
C. Federico García Lorca 18, 33007 Oviedo, Spain

Birth Place, Country:
El Entrego (Asturias; Spain)

Academic Details:

Career overview:
During the beginning of my career I worked mainly for the ESA Planck mission, where I gained important responsibility roles. In particular, I have focused in the study of the statistical properties of extragalactic sources, the production of realistic all-sky simulations in the microwave band and the delivery of the official point source catalogues. In addition, since 2008 I am also member of the Herschel-ATLAS collaboration, the largest open-time key project undertaken by Herschel. I participated in a “Science” paper (and its precursor works) that confirmed the efficient identification of strong gravitational lenses in the Far-IR band. I proposed the novel HALOS method, that will allow the identification of more than 1000 strong gravitational lenses, and demonstrated the existence of a measurable cross-correlation between high/low redshift galaxies due to weak lensing.

Current research/ job focus:
Nowadays, my main research topics are:
– the statistical properties of extragalactic galaxies in the (sub-)mm band in total intensity and polarisation,
– the measurement/analysis of the magnification bias (weak lensing) to derive astrophysical/cosmological constrains,
– the galaxy evolution at high redshift.

Area of expertise:
Data analysis, Machine Learning

Area of interests:
Data analysis, Machine Learning


Life outside Science:
I would like to read, watch films and play videogames. Sports in general also would be nice. However, with two toddlers I only try to sleep!

A dose of motivation:
Try to watch “Stargate” or “Star Treck”! These are examples of what the future of humanity should be! We have to leave behind our beloved Earth, but we have to learn a lot about the planets, the stars (our Sun), and space in general before being ready to do it!

What motivated you to choose your field of study/ your professional field?
Looking at the night sky as a child opened so many questions that only science and astrophysics can solve.

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