Stockholm University (SU) is one of the largest universities in Sweden and one of the top 50 universities in Europe. With 34 000 students, 1800 doctoral students and 5400 employees, it is the region’s centre for higher education and research within science, humanities and social sciences, as well as the home of a number of internationally prominent research environments. The Institute for Solar Physics (ISP) was transferred from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to SU in 2013 and is since then administratively organised in the SU Department of Astronomy. ISP receives funding from the Swedish Research Council as a research infrastructure of national interest.

ISP operates the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST) on La Palma. The SST was the first solar telescope to reach a spatial resolution of 0.1 arc-seconds and its evolving set of instrumentation keeps it at the forefront. In that capacity, the ISP has a central role in European (and global) high-resolution solar physics. Its observational and instrument development activities are matched with a strong theoretical effort for research on the solar atmosphere. At the moment of writing, ISP has 20 scientific and technical staff members, including six permanent researchers and five PhD students. It receives major research grants from the ERC, the Swedish Research Council, and the Wallenberg Foundation.

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Dr. Jorrit Leenaarts
Stockholm University
Inst for Solar Physics, Dept for Astronomy
AlbaNova University Centre
106 91 Stockholm
Phone: +46 85 537 8550
Email: jorrit.leenaarts@astro.su.se