News on SOLARNET Governance

The 1st General Assembly was held on January the 23rd, with 56 members of the SOLARNET community coming together at the Academy of Sciences in Prague. The General Assembly is responsible for monitoring the project status and progress, also providing an opportunity for the community to get together.

The schedule for the meeting saw each of the work package leaders discuss the current state of affairs within their section of the project. Overall, the first year was a success, with the 3 milestones fulfilled and the 10 deliverables all submitted on time.

All the Work Package Leaders presentations can be found at

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Looking forward to the coming year, it was highlighted that around a third of the project needs to be delivered this year – making 2020 a vital year in terms of the success of SOLARNET. The Project Office wishes everyone the best of luck in the coming year and look forward to celebrating the consortiums achievements over the course of the year.

Written by Richard Morton (Northumbria University, UK)