The University of Catania (UNICT) is the oldest University in Sicily and one of the oldest in Italy. It consists of 17 Departments involving about 1500 researchers and 43.000 students. UNICT is strongly committed to implement EU policies for the development of scientific careers and, in particular, the principles of the European Charter of Researchers and the Code of conduct for recruitment. The Research Office hosts one of the 17 Italian Mobility Centers participating to the EURAXESS. The Department of Physics and Astronomy “Ettore Majorana” (DFA) is, within UNICT, the primary location for research activity in different fields of fundamental Physics, Astrophysics, Computing facilities and network infrastructure. Research in solar physics at DFA is mainly focused on emergence and evolution of solar active regions, on eruptive phenomena like flares and coronal mass ejections and their effects on space weather. These studies are carried out through the analysis of high-resolution data acquired by both ground-based and satellite instruments (IBIS, SST, SOT/HINODE, IRIS, AIA, HMI).

Within the mobility program we offer early-stage and senior researchers the possibility to work on several fields related to the science that will be possible to do with the European Solar Telescope. More precisely, we have several spectro-polarimetric datasets acquired with high resolution instruments (IBIS@DST, CRISP@SST) that could provide important information on the different stages of active region evolution, as well as on phenomena occurring before and during flares. The solar physics group at UNICT has also experience in analysis of satellite observations, which could lead to an advantageous collaboration when multi-wavelength ground-based and satellite data are compared.

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Prof. Francesca Zuccarello
Department of Physics and Astronomy
“Ettore Majorana”
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