The University of Oviedo is one of the most important universities located in the north of Spain. In SOLARNET it is represented by the ICTEA team (University Institute for spatial science and technology), which is a multidisciplinary group composed by physics, engineers and mathematician. The research activities of the team involve a wide range of fields from medicine to mining engineer, but the core of the group is focused on astronomy and astrophysics. Some of the main topics are:
• Modelling the atmospheric turbulence by means of artificial intelligence
• The search for exoplanets
• Use deep learning to solve complex physics problems
• Cosmology
• Asteroid Mining
• Sharing the knowledge with other researchers and students

In many of these situations this work is closely developed with other universities and institutions, so it becomes even more interdisciplinary and allow to share all the knowledge acquired by different experts in different fields.

We would like to offer both early-stage and senior researchers the possibility to spend a few weeks with us. We will be more than happy to share all our knowledge regarding artificial intelligence applied to astronomy and astrophysics and specially to adaptive optics. We are currently developing a tomographic reconstructor for the future EST, to remove the atmospheric turbulence and split that correction among the different deformable mirrors, so it could be a nice opportunity for early-stage researchers to know all the issues related to atmospheric turbulence and how to solve it by applying artificial intelligence. For senior researchers they will find experts from different fields, along with our high-performance servers and a small telescope 100% available for the group.

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Prof. Dr. Javier de Cos
Professor in the Department of Engineering
University of Oviedo
Telephone: +34 (0) 985 10 4259
PI of the Applied mathematical modelling team
Group homepage: