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The University of Sheffield (USFD) is amongst the top 12 universities within the UK and has an international reputation for excellence in research and teaching. A member of the Russel Group (an association of 24 of the UK’s leading Universities), it has close links with industry, commerce and the professions, and achieves consistent success in attracting research grants and funding from regional, national and international organisations. Additionally, USFD is a founding member of the World Wide University (WUN) network, a partnership of 23 research-led universities that helps to build global research communities by supporting collaboration. USFD is ranked 12th in the UK, 42nd in Europe and 106th in the world according to the 2019 Times Higher Education World University Rankings. It has 2,631 PG students of which 938 are non-EU and international.
The Solar Physics and Space Plasma Research Center (SP2RC), established about two decades ago, is a cross-Faculty solar research center ranked nationally as one of the top in the field. There is also the newly established Plasma Dynamics Group (PDG), with ex-members of SP2RC, more focussing on plasma physics.
SP2RC comprises of two research groups, the Solar Wave Theory Group (SWAT) in the School of Mathematics and Statistics and the Space Systems Laboratory (SSL) in the Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering. SP2RC is PI for a number of very prestigious grants, including e.g. the €2.5M PROGRESS (H2020) on space weather, the DWP instrument on the ESA Cluster mission or numerous major UK research council grants (STFC Consolidated Grants, PPRP grants, etc.). SP2RC also has CoI status on the H2020 Pre-EST and the Solar Orbiter satellite mission projects and strongly supports the European Solar Telescope with its institutional membership of the European Association of Solar Telescopes (EAST).
Our principle science aims include, e.g. i) understanding the key important physical processes governing the momentum and energy flow from the convective zone to the solar atmosphere and down to the Earth’s upper atmosphere using analysis of observational data together with mathematical and state-of-the-art computational models; ii) investigating nonlinear dynamical processes in space and astrophysical plasmas, space weather, the dynamics of the radiation belts and methods for spacecraft data analysis. SP2RC also plays an active role in the development of hardware and software for ESA space missions and the ground-based DKIST facility. Our main ground-based space weather project is the construction of the Solar Activity Monitor Network (SAMNet, comprising a suit of solar telescopes across the Globe.

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