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Research Profile ORCID

Kanzelhöhe 19, 9521 Treffen, Austria

Birth Place, Country: Lienz, Austria

Academic Details:
Master (Magister) in Astronomy, Institute of Physics, Graz, Data compression with wavelets, 1995
PhD in Astronomy, Institute of Physics, Graz, Dynamics of the solar granulation and mesogranulation, 2001

Career overview:
1997-05/2001: Software scientist, Atmospheric Remote sensing and Climate System Research Group, University of Graz
05/2001 – present: Scientist at Kanzelhöhe Observatory, University of Graz, Austria

Current research/ job focus: Data reduction, databases, solar observations, ESA SSA

Area of expertise: Solar physics, C++, IDL, perl, MySQL, PhP, HTML, image processing

Area of interests: Same as above

Role in SOLARNET/PRE-EST: Solar observations, data processing

What do you like to do when not doing science/ engineering/ programming/ management?
Cycling, running, hiking, skiing, gardening, reading

A dose of motivation: Don’t panic!

What motivated you to choose your field of study/ your professional field?
Interests in natural sciences and the small size and nice atmosphere at the former Institute of Astronomy in Graz